LPWAN NI – Funded Challenges

The LPWAN challenges are a multistage process to support development and innovation on the LPWAN NI network.

Funded challenge areas include:

  • Agriculture
  • Creative technologies
  • Healthcare
  • Playable urban spaces (animating the public realm)
  • Manufacturing
  • Smart Buildings
  • Tourism
  • Transportation

Funding will be made available to successful applicants, the current funding pool is approximately £145K, several projects will be funded

This funding is provided by members of the LPWAN NI consortium: primarily by member councils and Tourism NI.

2 sequential funded challenge phases (key application deadline is 22nd June 2018):
Initial phase – Scoping, prototyping
Advanced phase – Proof of concept, marketability
Build a project group with other SMEs or go it alone

The overall schedule for these challenges is presented below.

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